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Brands That Trust Us

Brands That Trust Us

Why Choose Webcam Covers?

Your Custom Webcam Covers, Your Way

Do you need webcam covers with logo designs for your next corporate event or giveaway? Webcam Covers Now can make that happen. The point – you’re in control of everything from the type of cover you choose to the actual design.

Free Shipping for All Orders

A bulk order or anything can end up costing a lot. Add shipping to that mix and your webcam covers could break the bank. So, we make sure that isn’t a problem – free shipping is available for all custom webcam covers sold at Webcam Covers Now. But don’t worry if you need your covers faster than free shipping provides them. We also offer rush shipping that only takes one or two business days to get your covers to you.

Approve Before You Commit

Ordering custom webcam covers requires you to send the artwork you’d like on the cover. But that creates a worry – what happens if the artwork is wrong or it gets distorted? We make sure that doesn’t happen by sending a digital proof of your order before we move into production. You get to make tweaks, request changes, and see what the design will look like before we make a single cover.

How It Works?

A simple five-step process takes you through ordering to receiving your custom webcam covers:

  • Choose the type of cover you want – we have 12 variations available.
  • Select the color and quantity of covers you need
  • Tell us if you want one, two, three, or full-color imprinting.
  • Upload your artwork and text to our online system.
  • Select the packaging you’d like for your covers.

Once we have the details, we’ll send a digital proof of your webcam cover’s design for your approval. Give us the go-ahead and we handle the rest.

Webcam cover in use in office


It can take between five and 15 business days (Monday to Friday) for you to receive your custom webcam covers, depending on production time and your shipping choices.

Production usually takes between three and five business days, though may take longer for exceptional orders or 1,000 units or more. Once we’ve finished production, we ship the webcam covers using your chosen method. Free shipping can take up to 10 business days, hence a typical maximum of 15 days from starting production to your covers arriving on your doorstep. Rush shipping reduces this time to between one and two business days.
We offer customers up to 30 days from the date of delivery to raise an issue related to defects or poor image quality compared to their proof for their branded webcam covers.

Assuming you detect an issue, you can request a refund or ask us to redo the order, minus the mistake but following your original specifications. In both cases, we request that you send an image of the defect - you can do this via our “Live Chat” or by emailing us at (return@webcamcoversnow.com) returns@webcamcoversnow.com.

Once we’ve seen the image, we’ll request that you send the entire order back to us (at your expense) so we can confirm the defect before processing your redo or refund.
Webcam covers physically guard your webcam’s lens and prevent outside parties from accessing it.

By covering webcam laptop cameras, the covers ensure that the camera doesn’t get scratched or marked when it’s not in use. But it also prevents peeping – no hackers who access your webcam will be able to see through it when you have your laptop open.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as custom webcam covers offer a layer of protection over your webcam lens so it doesn’t get scratched when in use.

However, we recommend removing the cover if you close your laptop for two reasons. First, the cover could potentially damage your screen if you close the laptop with the cover still attached. And two – you don’t need webcam covers for a closed laptop! They do their jobs when your laptop is open.
We offer universal webcam covers that are compatible with every type of webcam available on the current market.

Still, not all of our custom webcam covers work with every single device that has a webcam, with the style of lens often playing a role. For instance, a rounded cover may not work if your webcam has a square lens. Remember – we’re always available via “Live Chat” if you have any questions about a cover’s compatibility with your device.
Our custom webcam covers are designed to work with laptops, including MacBooks, assuming you get the right cover for your device. Again, we’re available via “Live Chat” to answer compatibility questions.
A staggering 2,200 cyberattacks per day.

That’s how often hackers try to gain access to devices, according to Norton. It’s the equivalent of 800,000 devices getting hacked every year, with each successful hack giving the perpetrator access to every aspect of your laptop.

That includes its webcam. And the scariest part is that hackers can see through that webcam even when you’ve turned your laptop off.

Custom webcam covers ensure that these digital intruders can’t spy on you through your device’s webcam. That makes them necessary for anybody who cares about protecting their privacy.

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This is what some of our clients think about our products

I was concerned that a webcam cover might interfere with the functionality of my laptop, but the custom one I received was designed with precision. It's slim and fits perfectly, ensuring it doesn't obstruct the camera or cause any issues. It's a seamless addition to my device. The materials used are eco-friendly, which aligns with my values. It's refreshing to see a company, Webcam Covers Now, take responsibility for its environmental impact. - Briar Wagner
5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT - Just what I was looking for! - Rebecca Britton
We ordered custom Rounded webcam covers for our school's students and staff, and they've been a hit. It's a practical way to ensure privacy during online classes and meetings. The custom designs with our school logo created a sense of unity and school spirit. They love the designs, and we appreciate the added layer of security. It's a win-win for all. - Jaxxon Larson
The size options are great, with the smallest being the same size as the dots used for paper. - Russ Dimery

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